What are superfood powders?

Dream Magic Superfood Powders are a range of different blends of powdered superfood ingredients, personally created by founder Marie-Claire through years of research and lived experience.

A superfood has a high nutritional content and contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, typically from plant-based items like fruit and vegetables. Superfoods are excellent for various issues including gut health, immune support, hormonal balance, nervous system support, inflammation, joint pain, hair growth and glowy skin.

Each fully recyclable pouch is packed full of pure, organic powerhouse powders in large quantites. For example our green blend contains a massive 20% of Spirulina for each 100g, with zero fillers.

We believe we have a blend for everyone and can help with.....

Increased Energy

Better Sleep

Hormonal Balance

Gut Health and Digestion

Reduction of Inflammation

Glowing Skin

Mental Clarity & Focus

Cough and Cold Symptoms


Rebuild: Green Blend

Helps boost your immune system

Discover Green Blend


Renew: Red Blend

Hormones run riot in your life

Discover red blend


Relax: Blue Blend

Supports better, more restful sleep

Discover blue blend


Revive: Black Blend

Gives your body and brain a boost

Discover Black Blend


Restore - Our Gold Blend

Relieves pain and reduces stress

Discover Gold Blend


Restore - Our Purple Blend

great for skin, hair, bones & joints.

Discover Purple Blend