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Meet The Maker

Hi Everyone, 
I’m Marie-Claire, I am a published Author of the book It Is What It Is - Universal and Everlasting Lessons from Lockdown, a Fitness and Yoga Instructor and an accredited Life Coach. 
I am also the creator of Dream Magic Superfood Powders. 
I am passionate about all things related to improving Health, Fitness and Mental Wellbeing and a long time ago I set an intention to take the necessary steps to feel buzzing with energy and vitality each and every day. 
I believe that my purpose in life is to help you feel healthier and happier.
Whilst, I love feeling buzzing with energy and vitality, life hasn’t always been this way for me……
From my early teens I (and everyone I was close to) suffered at the hands of my imbalanced hormones. Every single month, a dark cloud would descend on me for around 7-10 days and I became a completely different person to my natural state of being which is upbeat, positive and loving life. 
Some months I became depressed and withdrawn, others I was argumentative, that I wasn’t good enough and often felt needy and unworthy of love.
This was my life until 12 years ago. After the birth of my twins, at the age of 34 I made a big career and lifestyle change. I went from being a 20 a day smoker and 4 nights a week drinker to focusing on becoming the very best version of me. I left my managerial role in the world and started to retrain as a Fitness Instructor. It was a scary and liberating in equal measures time!
I decided that I had had enough of feeling terrible, feeling unfulfilled and feeling like I was wasting half my life and I set an intention to give myself the gift of mental and physical wellbeing. I began by making me a priority me and I started to do things which helped me to feel amazing every single day.
I believe that we all deserve to feel amazing every single day.
By introducing a superfood powder blend into my daily routine was the difference that made the difference. It started me on a journey back to optimum health. I started to have more energy, mental clarity and focus. My sleep was better than it had been for years and my hormones became much more balanced. 
Within just a couple of months of me taking superfood powders I was hooked and knew that I could never be without them in my life. 
Fast forward 6 years and my passion for superfoods had only grow, I loved finding out more about them and researching new superfoods from the far corners of the world. This passion met with an opportunity to create my own blends and start the company - and the rest as they say - is history.
It has been my pleasure and an honour to be able to help thousands of people since I started the company - helping them return to feeling healthier and happier. 
I am very grateful to be able to share my blends with you today, helping you to experience feelings of optimum health - every single day.
With Superfood Love,