Meet The Maker

Hello everyone

I'm Marie-Claire, the creator and founder of Dream Magic Superfood Powders, a published author of "It Is What It Is - Universal and Everlasting Lessons from Lockdown," a fitness and yoga instructor, and an accredited life coach. My passion revolves around enhancing health, fitness, and mental wellbeing, and I've long aimed to radiate energy and vitality every day.

My life's purpose is to help you achieve a healthier and happier you.

However, my journey wasn't always this vibrant. Since my early teens, imbalanced hormones cast a dark cloud over me, causing me to feel entirely different from my natural, upbeat self. This monthly struggle led to feelings of depression, withdrawal, self-doubt, and unworthiness.

Everything changed 14 years ago after giving birth to twins at age 34. I made a courageous and liberating shift, leaving behind a corporate career which I did not enjoy to become the best version of myself.

I decided it was time to prioritise my mental and physical well-being and began doing things that made me feel amazing every day.

I firmly believe we all deserve to feel incredible daily. The game-changer for me was incorporating superfood powders into my routine, leading me back to optimal health. My energy, mental clarity, focus, sleep, and hormone balance improved. Within a few months, I was hooked, realising I couldn't live without them.

Six years ago, my passion for superfoods continued to grow. I delved deeper into their benefits, researched new varieties, and seized the opportunity to create my own blends and launch my company.

Since starting my company, I've had the privilege of helping thousands of people rediscover their health and happiness. Today, I'm grateful to share my blends with you, guiding you toward optimal health every single day.

With Superfood Love,