Other Reviews
  • Dream Magic Green 

    “I been taking DREAM MAGIC for a few months now and what can I say, WOW my energy levels are higher than ever and I’m finding my concentration levels whilst sat at work are through the roof which has massively improved my output!! ( boss really happy )” – Ryan

    “Love this bag of magic, so much better than the last company I used, tastes better, mixes better and gives me the energy boost I was needing. Thank you. X” – Nicola

    “I just wanted to let you know that your Dream Magic is amazing! I get the worst bloating and literally had none the past 2 weeks from taking your drink  I’ve told lots of people about it too, so sharing the love!  Thank you  -  Jill

    “I travel a fair bit with my job and it can involve some early starts. Have found that taking Dream Magic gives me an extra boost for getting through a long day” – Catriona

    “I have been taking dream magic for around 6 weeks now and seeing MASSIVE differences in my energy levels...I suffer terribly from fibromyalgia and am constantly exhausted, so much so that for the past few years I have to have a scheduled 1 hour nap during the day...I take my dream magic every morning and if I have a demanding day I also take an extra dream magic at lunchtime, I done this yesterday and delighted to report that for the first time in YEARS I had a nap free day and was able to power on!!! Much better for you than caffeine for sure!!” – Gail

    “Just wanted to let anyone who has toilet issues know, how this has been amazing for me. With being on very strong painkillers my toilet issues had been horrendous. Since starting the Dream Magic I'm back to my daily routine. So if you know anyone who needs a little help in this department get them into the Dream Magic xx - Marie

    “Just about finished my first one and notice I’m less tired and my nails are in better condition too .” – Gillian

    “I took it on Monday after a lot of wine on Easter Sunday and it cured my hangover! xx” - Jill

    “Loving getting up in mornings full of beans.x” – Melanie

    “After a hard workout nothing better than Dream Magic in my protein shake for faster recovery  xxxx” – Joanna

    “Been sleeping much better since I started taking the green stuff” – Beth

    “Started with the green one today. It’s probably a massive coincidence but I’ve not felt as hungry. I hope it’s not though ” – Sharon

    “Dream Magic - Since I have started taking this I feel absolutely amazing. Have lots more energy and my whole body shape has changed. This is the best I have felt in a long time and would definitely recommend it. No more feeling sluggish” – Debbie

    “I work night shift and I'm always bloody tired! Not a day goes by when I don't have a half hour on the couch in the afternoon when I'm not working! And today after taking this 3 times I didn't feel tired and never had a snooze - and I had wine last night that's a first !!! So it's defo giving me more oomff” – Kirsty

    “Been taking the Dream Magic for over a week and I am feeling super energetic! Up at 6 am doing my housework - weird eh! Lol!” – Wendy


    Dream Magic Blue 

    “Wow this stuff is amazing  took me a couple of weeks to notice the benefits as I try to eat clean and workout regularly, within two weeks my shape esp in my stomach area changed massively and now to top it off my skin is amazing not a blemish in sight now that's what I'm talking about  dream magic definitely worth a try!!”- Kirsty

     “Tried dream magic for a week now and feeling less lethargic and sleep pattern has improved.” – Marilyn

    “I am the first person to admit that I was sceptical about the benefits of the Dream Magic but having spent the first part of this year constantly tired and run down; feeling fuzzy headed and annoyed at work because I knew I wasn't at my best, l knew I had to do something different. So one pouch down and I can honestly say my head is clearer and my energy levels have improved dramatically  “- Cat

    “I’ve just been told I’ve got a lovely sheen on my face by a work colleague! Lol. The only thing I’ve changed is I’ve started taking Dream Magic ... so thank you :)” – Debbie

    “I’ve only been taking it a week & both me & my sister think there is a change in our facial skin especially. My face feels & looks better than it has done in many a year. If this is what one week does I can’t wait to see the results after a month. x” – Angela

    “Started taking dream magic last Saturday and defo feel a difference already since taking it with my energy levels and not feeling so sluggish.” – Kelly

    “Been using dream magic for a few days now and wow me and my partner have noticed a difference already” – Vikki

    Dream Magic Red 

     “I have been taking the dream magic Red for a month now. Before I started I would wake up 3 or 4 times a night as the hot flushes I took were unreal. Now I have a full night's sleep I don't get the flushes during the night either. Xxx” – Fiona

    “Dream Magic Red  3 weeks in taking Dream Magic Red..sorry can’t take the green....I definitely feel a difference. I have really lazy bowels & suffer a lot of cramps but I can honestly say I have less bloating & have become 'regular'  its now part of my routine 1st thing in the morning. I have even taken it being slightly hungover & felt recovery better. Totally recommend  - Louise

    “On holiday at the minute and have my Dream Magic with me. Every time I am away I am normally covered in mosquito bites. However this time not one bite and the only difference is the Dream Magic. Also I normally have cankles in the heat but hardly any swelling or puffiness with the heat at all. So remember to pack your Dream Magic.” – Sara

    “It really is a little tub of magic Only on day 4 but already seeing the benefits. I suffer with a really bloated sore stomach, woke up with it this morning and 1 hour after taking this the pain was gone, total game changer as this would normally get worse as the day went on. Really can see big improvements already and only a few days in, wish I had started it sooner . Xx” - Isla

    “Off to Ibiza on Wednesday and since it's absolutely amazing as a wee perk up after a drink I better not go away without my supplies!!! x” – Lynn

    “Well guys I ran out of Dream Magic Red on Sunday thought it will be ok but my body is telling me different”  – Louise

    “I have been using the Dream Magic Red for the past 4 days and it's been Fab. I have not craved as much crap as I usually have for me that’s amazing. My daughter and I usually have a sleep over in her room on a Friday chatting reading stories etc. When I wake up in the morning I’m usually stiff and have a sore back this morning Ii woke up feeling fab. So I'm well chuffed with the Dream Magic Red and I will continue to use it. It certainly is my little bag of magic. Xxx” – Fiona

    “Think it’s fair to say I’m not a morning person... been taking Dream Magic for 10 days now and the last 3 mornings I’ve woke before my alarm... that never happens!” - Pauline