Superfood Facemask

Superfood Facemask
We all know the Dream Magic Green is amazing for us when we take it with water, fruit juice or add it to a smoothie - but did you know that it is also amazing for your skin?
The Spirulina and Chlorella brightens your skin instantly, leaving it looking radiant. Added to this was some natural yogurt (which helps rejuvenate and soften the skin), some honey and avocado which will moisturises, nourishes and revitalizes your face.
To make (this made enough for 5 applications so I will adjust the next time).
1 tsp Dream Magic Green
1.5 tbs Natural Yogurt
1/2 Avocado
1tsp honey
Blend it all up and slap it on your coupon (that’s your face for all my non Scottish followers lol), leave for 20 mins and then rinse off.