You Future Self

In the interests of self-care I have been doing a lot of work on myself recently and one of the exercises I have been practicing has been to visualise my future self – how I want to act, feel, believe to be true - how I want to show up to the world!

I must admit it’s been really difficult but by granting myself the space to do it (usually at 5.30am in the morning before everyone gets up 😴😲) I have been able to open up my mind and explore the MC that I would love to be in the not-too-distant future.

One of the meditations I have completed asked me to imagine the future MC offering advice to my current self (I know this might sound kooky, but stick with me here peeps 😜🙏🏻). The message I received was to appreciate myself just as I am and have faith that I am in exactly the place that I am meant to be at this precise moment in time.

Yes – it’s amazing to set goals and work towards them – I positively encourage my coaching clients to do this all the time. It’s massively important for our mental and physical health to have a goal to strive towards.

Where goal-setting isn’t beneficial, however, is when we are too busy focusing and thinking about the achievement of the goal - the “I will like myself more when I lose a stone” or “I will be happier when I am on holiday” or “I will feel better when I get another job” or whatever story we are telling ourselves.

It has made me think of this video that I posted 3 years ago which recently came up in my FB memories (still on the Superfood Powders you will notice 💚❤️💙)! I was soooo nervous about posting it and worried that I was fat, too broad in my accent and that others would think I was big-headed or stupid for doing it.

Looking at it now I am sad that I didn’t appreciate how toned my arms were and how happy and fun-loving I came across - I was too busy worrying about my accent and belly.

I wish I could go back to that MC and say “appreciate your body, be grateful for your life, connect with your tribe, worry less about what others think of you and LIVE IN THE NOW”

I can't though 😢 - I can only practice doing these things today.

What advice would your Future Self give to you? 🤔Listen to what he or she is saying.

NOW - I’m off to do some press ups 💪💪😂!!

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Take Dream Magic 💚❤️

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