You eat what you are!!

I attended a Health Coaching Masterclass the other evening and the Coach’s belief was that its not so much “You Are What You Eat” but more “You Eat What You Are”.

This really resonated with me - how our relationship with food and our eating behaviour correlates with how high our self worth and self esteem is. What we think about ourselves.

At the moment I FEEL GOOD 🤩- (queue song 🤣) and my relationship with food reflects this. I am fuelling my body with nutrient dense foods and having a little of what I fancy - #balance!!

But not so long ago when the inner critic was doing his happy dance around my mind telling me that I wasn’t good enough and that I had nothing to contribute to the world, my eating reflected this. I was:-

😬 Eating on the go - not allowing myself the time to enjoy and digest my meals.

😬 Not prepping food and grabbing whatever was easy out of the nearest petrol station.

😬 Snacking on sweets and crisps most days (sales of Snickers were defo on the up during that period).

On a logical level we all know that to smash our life goals and feel our best we need to be eating well to enable us to feel healthy and buzzing with energy. We know that we need to be fuelling our bodies to tackle the extra work that we need to put in to improve our lives.

To get to that place I think it is a good idea to do a stock take of our levels of self esteem and self worth, how much we are valuing ourselves. And if it’s low then put in the necessary steps to improve these levels.

Our relationship with food should then be relatively easy to improve.

Is this something that you can relate to? 💚❤️

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