The Number 1 Goal

During a group personal development workshop I was delivering this week, I was asked the following question:-

“Should I set goals if my physical and mental health is not in a good place?”

My answer was that the only goal I believe you should set in this instance is the goal of improving your health. Only when you are in a state of Wellness should you consider working towards any other goals.

Then, when you reach the state of Wellness you should set another goal around maintaining it.

Too many times do I see people who don’t prioritise their health going for a career change, the promotion, the bigger house etc etc only to feel burnt out, unhappy, unfulfilled and ill.

You deserve to be, do and have anything you desire in this life.

You deserve to feel buzzing with energy and vitality every single day.

If you are not in a state of wellness then please reach out and we can discuss how Wellness Coaching could help you.

Nothing is more important than our mental and physical health. 💚❤️💙


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