Sometimes you don't get what you pay for!!

I recently had a query from a customer about Dream Magic Superfood Powders and how they compared to another better known brand on the market.

She had found a green blend which she reported looked and smelled like my green version - the main difference being was that the other brand was FOUR times the price of Dream Magic Green. 🤑🤑🤑🤑!!

She wanted to know the reason for such a massive difference in price….

Initially I was shocked at the price difference, I have always prided myself on producing high quality blends at an affordable cost for most households…but FOUR times the price of mine 😱😱!! Holy Shamoly!!

My Inner Doubter then reared his nasty little head 🤬 and suggested that maybe my brand was inferior and that people would be better paying the extra money and purchase the other brand 🙁.

I then carried out some investigations into other blends out there on the market and I am very pleased to report that these are my findings:-

* A lot of the other brands have a HUGE ingredient list (one I found had over 20 ingredients) which basically means that you are only getting a tiny amount of each ingredient. Dream Magic Superfood Powders have 4 key powerhouse 👊🏻ingredients in each blend giving you a higher nutrient dense hit in each serving.

* A majority of other brands have fancy packaging and glossy labels - ok they win that round 😜😳. My ethos has always been to keep the packaging simple and recyclable which sometimes means not fancy fancy.

* Some brands sweeten their blend with Stevia which isn’t as natural as you may think (and has no reported health benefits). Dream Magic Green 💚 isn’t sweetened - the Red ❤️and Blue 💙 are sweetened with a tiny amount of Xylitol which does have reported benefits such as boosting of the immune system and oral health 🙌.

Unfortunately I couldn’t give my customer a definitive answer on the price difference as there could be any number of reasons for the massive difference in cost from having to pay for a big brand name to carrying the brunt of overhead costs to even good old exploitation of Mr Joe Public 🤬!

What I could tell her is that with my superfood blends she will get high quality, high nutrient ingredients at a very affordable cost. 😍😍

She won’t get fancy packaging 😜.

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Take Dream Magic 💚❤️💙

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