Self Care Rocks!!!

It’s been a brilliantly busy couple of days!! As well as teaching classes and seeing coaching clients, I was very grateful to be trained in Mental Health First Aid – I find it so sad that 1 in 3 of us will suffer from poor mental health at some point in our lives 😢.

A key learning which was confirmed for me was the importance of self care in keeping our mental wellbeing in a good place and using it to improve our mental health when it’s in a darker place. Key strategies we can use for self care are FITNESS, TALKING and NUTRITION – three guesses where this post is going 😜🏃🏼‍♀️🍏.

One of my clients (who has given me permission to share) suffers from poor mental health and finds it very hard to cope with the demands of daily life. Through Coaching she created a positive future vision and started to formulate a plan to take her to a better place. I gave her Dream Magic to try as she was so emotionally drained she found each day a struggle despite making every effort to eat healthily.

Within two weeks, she has reported that she is feeling stronger, happier and more in control of her life – ready to take action to achieve that positive future vision!! She said that getting that goodness into her first thing in the morning has lifted her physically, mentally and emotionally. 👏💚🙌

Sounds like a made up story doesn’t it and if I didn’t experience it first-hand I would be sceptical!! I promise it’s true 😍.

I compare taking Dream Magic to putting 5 star fuel in your car - it allows you to go wherever you want to go with ease. When you combine taking it with a clean diet, regular exercise and a good old chat you are giving yourself an even better chance of becoming the very best version of you!! Living the life you deserve.

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