After months of avoidance 😱, I eventually had to go and see my physio about the pain in my hamstring.

What started off as a niggle had worked itself up to a toothache like pain which then reached a crescendo by being that sore I had to hobble home from a recent run 😫.

I had the total fear of being told that it was a torn hamstring and that I would have to stop exercising for a couple of months.

That would also be devastating for poor Craigy Boy who has been known to say “Go out a run — come back happy” to me on more than one occasion over the years 🤪.

When I went to see him, the first thing the Physio asked was “why didn’t you come to see him when it was a niggle?” Why didn’t I indeed 🤦‍♀️!!

After checking me out I am thankful to say that it was just that the old hips and pelvis were out of alignment. This was annoying the nerve down the back of my hamstring. After getting pulled and crunched (literally) back into shape - I was good to go 🙌🙌!!

He then used a word that I had never heard before - PREHAB - and described it as the training that you should do to prevent injury and keep everything moving as it should. He gave me a few exercise to do every couple of day to keep my hips and pelvis moving and in alignment - which I promised hand on heart 💚❤️💙 I would do.

Talk about a lightbulb moment!! I realised that I am pretty good at PREHAB-ing other areas of my life by:-

💙Meditating Daily
🤩Setting Intentions
💚Taking Dream Magic Superfood Powders
📖 Journalling
😍Practicing Self Care
🥦Eating Well

Doing these things on a regular basis helps to keep my mental well-being in a good place.

I now know that I also need to PREHAB the old hips and joints.

What areas of your life would benefit from PREHAB? 💚❤️💙


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