Magic Granola Bars

I know I am probably late to the party 😳 but I was completely shocked to find out that shop bought cereal bars which alleged to be “natural” had more sugar in them than a mars bar or a snickers 😱😱!!

And they don’t even nip the mid afternoon sugar cravings in the bud quite as well as a good old Snickers does😩😋. Sometimes I find myself having a bit of chocolate after my “healthy” bar - don’t judge people 😂😂!!

I made a batch of these granola bars today which taste pretty good and very sweet. I’m hopeful that I won’t be reaching for the selection box bag after I have one tomorrow 🤞🤞!!

BTW the photo below is not the actual bars I made!! Who even has time in their life to wrap cereal bars 😜😜

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Take Dream Magic 💚❤️💙xx

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