Health is Wealth!!

Today I attended a workshop on Nutrition for Stress, Mind and Mood which was delivered by Nutritional Therapist Anne Cross. Anne loves sharing her knowledge on how food and nutrition can support our bodies and mind. Her book “From Stressed to Blessed” is available to purchase on Amazon.

As many of you will be aware, poor mental health is on the increase with more and more people suffering from Stress, Anxiety and Depression. It’s a debilitating illness that can strip you of your happiness, drive and connection. People are often apprehensive of talking about it as they fear they will be judged.

What was confirmed to me at the workshop was that how we fuel our bodies has a MASSIVE impact on our mental and physical health. Eating less processed food, drinking more water and adopting a 80:20 healthy to naughty ratio is critical to maintaining your feelings of wellness – and if you throw in a bit of self-love ❤️, acceptance 🙏🏻 and fun 🎉🎉then even better my friend!!

I learned that nutrients which support stress-reduction, mood and our nervous system include Magnesium, Vitamins B, C and D as well as Zinc.

Here’s the good news 🙌🙌🙌!! I am DELIGHTED to say that Dream Magic contains all of the above!!! Yippeeeee!! 💚🎉❤️🎉

Take it with water, with fruit juice or add it to a yoghurt or smoothie – but please just take it!!

Health is Wealth after all xxx

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