Connected and Calm

In either an individual coaching session or a group workshop the analogy of the oxygen mask on a flight comes up. I say to the client “You know when on a flight you get a flight safety demonstration from the air stewards on what happens in the unfortunate event that the flight is in trouble.

They tell you that oxygen masks will drop from above and that it is your responsibility to make sure that you put an oxygen mask on your kids first, after that you turn to your partner and place an oxygen on mask on them, then any elderly person you see, then if you are travelling with work colleagues, you pop one on them”

Normally very soon into it I am interrupted and someone says - “No, thats not what happens - you are told to put your own mask on first”

And then there is a pause - and generally you hear the penny drop!!

I know that to keep our mental and physical health in a good place, we need to utilise the tools that we know work for us on a consistent basis - and I know that we need to use these tools as a priority. This is my bread and butter - I am delivering this message to clients EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

So why, oh why, do I get caught out with it at this time every year 🤦‍♀️?????

This week I have noticed my mood dipping, being short-tempered with the kids and that wee dark cloud filled with negative thoughts and beliefs has become a permanent fixture hovering over my head 🤯😓.

I thought I was all over it this year - I have been eating well, taking my Dream Magic Superfood Powders 💚❤️💙 and exercising well. I have been mindful with my alcohol intake, doing my meditation twice a day and feeding my mind by learning and being inspired by books and training courses.

So what in my oxygen mask toolkit am I not using 🤔??

I have taken the time out to reflect on this today and I have identified what I think it is - it’s the lack of CONNECTION ❤️ with myself and with my tribe.

This time of year is sooooooo busy and we have so many additional things to do and organise - which need to be done, I get that.

We need to get the Christmas present shopping done, the decorations have to go up (has anyone else noticed that the calibre of trees are off the scale this year 😱), the kids have to be organised for school parties and pantos, the outfits for nights out have to be found, the nights out have to be attended, the whatever whatever whatever.

But what are we having to sacrifice at the expense of all this?

Personally, I am sacrificing being present and connected with myself and with those closest to me. I have stopped journalling (rooky mistake MC 🤦‍♀️),stopped my lovely salt baths every couple of nights, stopped phoning Craig, my Mum and the Sisters just for the sake of phoning and chewing the fat with them, stopped just enjoying the kids and started worrying about what I am going to buy people for presents, worrying about what I am going to wear to events and worrying about how I am going to fit in everything that needs to be fitted in 🤯!

I have set my festive intention it all stops NOW!!

I am being CONNECTED and CALM this Christmas.

So, unfortunately you might not get something you always wanted as a pressie from me this year and my tree might be a bit bleugh 🤪- but what you WILL get is fully present and connected MC 🙌 showing up with a sunshine 🌞 over her head.

I hope you take stock of what you have in your oxygen mask toolkit and make it a priority. You owe it to yourself.

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Take Dream Magic Superfood Powders 💚❤️💙

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