Building Blocks for Your Best Self!!

I was out for dinner with friends last night and they asked what sort of size I was when I was pregnant with my twins Maria and Charlotte. I found these photos to show them - the first was taken 4 days before they were born and the second on the day of my last scan. I was 38 weeks pregnant when they were born 😱!!

Today I have been reflecting with my Coach (because a Coach needs a Coach 😜😍) on my journey and how it was shortly after the girls were born that the physical and mental building blocks that I value and swear by today started to become an integral part of who I am. The building blocks of:-

Fitness 💪🏃‍♀️- 3 months after the girls were born I made a career change and trained to become a Fitness Instructor and began to LOVE how I felt during and after a workout or run.

Nutrition 🥦🍏- Fuelling my body by eating nutrient dense foods in a balanced way followed shortly afterwards. I started to feel less tired and seen a dramatic improvement in my skin.

Superfood Powders 💚❤️💙- I started on a blend of superfood powders about 3 years after these photos were taken and within 1 month I noticed (as did my nearest and dearest 😬) a massive improvement in my PMT symptoms. Taking it every day also turbo boosted my energy levels, reduced bloating and gave me more mental clarity and focus. This has been the driving motivation behind me creating my own blends of Superfood Powders.

Mindset 🙏🏻😇- Once I was feeling fitter and healthier the natural progression was to begin to improve my mindset. Training to become a Coach and Yoga Teacher really helped with giving me the toolkit I needed to have a healthier mind and to help others.

Connection with myself 😍❤️ - this building block has really came into its own this year - 10 years after I started my journey. I have really worked on accepting and liking myself just the way I am and connecting with people who get me - the real me.

I couldn’t imagine my life without any of these healthy building blocks although I have fell off the wagon more times than I care to remember in the last 10 years 😫!

I know that I need to practice the tools and techniques on a regular basis to keep me healthy and happy.

In this day and age I think we are often looking for a quick fix to mental and physical health but really all we need is to put in the effort to Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well and Take Dream Magic Superfood Powders 💚❤️💙!!

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