Boost Your Immune System!

It seems like everywhere we go these days we hear about the Coronavirus. It’s on the news, it’s in the papers, it’s a topic of conversation at work and it’s all over social media.

We are being told that one of the key ways to avoid it is to keep our immune system strong or boost it if it’s weak.

So what can we do to boost our immune system and give ourselves a better chance of avoiding this virus?

🥦Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Aim for a wide variety and at least 7-10 portions a day.

🍳Cut down on fried foods and foods which contain loads of sugar.

😴Get enough sleep and rest

🌞Get outdoors in the fresh air

🏃‍♀️Exercise regularly

🥰Connect with people we love

🍺Drink alcohol in moderation

😂Pee our pants laughing

Every single blend of Dream Magic Superfood Powders contains high quality, nutrient dense ingredients which support and boost your immune system. Its super easy to add it into your daily routine


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