A teaspoon a day..........

It seems like half the people I have spoken to this week are fighting some sort of bug or cold (the other half are obviously taking Dream Magic on a regular basis 😜💚❤️).

The drop in temperature that Winter brings can leave us susceptible to catching any number of nasties that are kicking around and the reduction in hours of daylight can make us feel tired and a bit bleugh 😞🤢!!

Here are a few reasons where Dream Magic can help with this by boosting your immune system and mood 🙌🙌:-

· Chlorophyll – The majority of the ingredients in Dream Magic Green ( Wheatgrass, Chlorella, Spirulina and Moringa) contain high doses of Chlorophyll which turbo charges your immune system and gives you more lots mor energy.

· B12, Zinc and Amino Acids – these are vital for supporting mood and producing feel good transmitters like dopamine and serotonin. All of which are contained in your daily dose of Dream Magic.

· Antioxidants – we need these to fight off the nasty free radicals which we cannot help being exposed to. If these free radicals are not eliminated we can be left feeling sick and tired. Dream Magic is rich in various antioxidants.

I think that we have enough to be dealing with in our busy daily lives. We do not need to be dealing with a bug or a cold too. Give yourself a fighting chance this Winter by taking Dream Magic.

A teaspoon a day is all it takes. 💚💚xx


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