A Powerful Magic Morning Routine to Put a Spring in Your Step!

Numerous studies and research over the years has confirmed that having a structured morning routine sets us up for a better day.



It is much preferred over leaving life to chance, hitting the snooze button 15 times, skipping breakfast and rushing out the door forgetting to lift your lovingly prepared lunch!!

As Tim Ferris says “if you win your morning, you win your day”.

Taking some time to prime yourself for the day can dramatically increase productivity and helping us to focus on the things that matter, as well as giving us space to check in with how we are feeling and what we need emotionally and physically.

In fact, having a powerful morning routine is so beneficial that various books have been written on the subject, with my personal favourites being The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Both detailing how transformational having a powerful morning routine can have on our wellbeing.

Why not give this powerful four step morning routine a try? It can take as little as 15 mins (2 snooze buttons) and is guaranteed to give set you up for the day.

  • Meditation

Taking the time to sit in silence or meditating for as little as five minutes can really help to calm your mind and settle your nervous system, which can last for the rest of the day. This quiet time can create space to visualise how you want your day ahead to go and live your life intentionally.

If you are new to meditation you can either sit in silence, anchoring yourself to your breath or you can use a guided mediation of which there are many on YouTube or in the App store.

Finish by asking yourself “What would a good day look like for me and how do I want to show up to the world today?”

  • Movement

Carrying out some gentle stretching first thing in the morning can warm the body up amazingly well and allow you to be in a great place mentally and physically to deal with what the world is potentially going to throw at you. If you have the time, getting outside in nature for a walk can also help you to prepare mentally and physically for the day ahead.

  • Mindset

Prioritising time to work on your mindset in the morning, enables you to be once step ahead of the game. Mindset activities could include journaling, reading a personal development book or even saying positive affirmations. These are all great ways to get yourself into a better frame of mind, increase your vibe and improve your confidence levels.

  • Magic

Having your Dream Magic Superfood Powder in the morning sends a message to your body and mind that says “you matter, I am committed to looking after you” as well as giving your body and mind the essential vitamins and mineral it needs to cope with all the daily demands placed on it. Each blend can be taken on their own, mixed with other blends and can be taken in water, fruit juice or even added to your morning smoothie.

The most important aspect of introducing a morning routine is creating one that works for you and practicing it consistently to receive the benefits.


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  • Can you take the blue green red and gold altogether in a smoothie?
    I bought some at the farmers market yesterday in St Andrews, just had my greens for the first time.
    Excited to try others.
    Are they ok to be taken with other supplements?

    Fiona McCluskey

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